Sunday, October 21, 2007

Motherfraking Snakes on a Motherfraking Plane! (This joke was bought to you by 2006)

I was watching a video young Mark had on his blog about Zach Braff and it had a clip from Garden State where he imagines the plane crash. This brought back 2 thoughts. One, Bah Fight Club did it soooo much better. Two, I guess that means it can’t be shown on planes.

So here is Jancis’ list of films you can’t show on a plane and why.
Fight Club (mid-air plane decompression)
Garden State (Ditto)
Goldeneye (Plane Crash)
Lost (Not a film but still)
Die Hard II (Planes crashing and going BOOOM! Bruce Willis in a vest)
The Twilight Zone Movie (“There’s a Gremlin on the plane!”)
United 93 (9/11)
Hitman (as above)
A Series of Unfortunate Events (for advising those who don’t like the film to leave the “room or cinema or plane”)
Snakes On A Plane (…*one eyebrow raised in a quizzical style*)
Pearl Harbour (it’s shite…and there’s dive bombing.)

Honourable Mention
Airplane (I guess it’s funny enough to avoid panic)

Can anyone think anymore?