Saturday, November 01, 2008

New from Jancis' Insane Mind

Doctor Ethan Quayle is a great man. He is young, handsome and charismatic. Oh and he is also the evil scientist who blew up Pluto. (He didn’t mean to).
After surrendering to police, Ethan sits in his jail cell awaiting his trial. He remembers his life, from his birth in a church cloakroom to his rise to Public Enemy Number Two (after Captain David Thawe, the man who helped him become the villain he is today.)
He isn’t expecting understanding or agreement with his actions. He simply wants to tell his story.
Ladies and gents (and Igors) I gave you the tale of The Fall of Ethan Quayle (Evil Scientist)

Starting November 1st. Finishing December 1st. Jancis' National Novel Writing Month Novel. Buy Now.

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