Monday, June 28, 2010


Jesus Christ but those robots REALLY never give up. Took me almost a year to make sure I could escape.
There was a hairy patch couple of months back but my daughter from the future managed to tackle them . Cheers HunBun, love you!
Hello blogasphere.
Ya miss me? I missed you.
Now, what shall we talk about?
Friday, I wrote in my journal for the first time since March. I wrote an entry tonight and then went ‘Didn’t I have a more open way of telling people about things?’
I did and so after almost a year fleeing for my life, I am back. Be honest. Some of you MUST have thought I was dead. No, still kicking!...Well, I was dead for a few weeks but they rebooted the timeline which was nice of them. Though supposedly I have a sister now?
So what has changed since last year?
• I’m 21 now. Legal to drink in various countries now. On my actual day? Went to the hospital to see my Grandfather who taken ill earlier that day. My party? A gay man touched my no-no place.
So THAT happened!
• My NaNo novel was ‘Yeddeoni’ the simple tale of a man who could see ghosts, his partner and the ghost who just wanted him to kill himself so she could have a friend. So my usual upbeat stuff. Maybe I’ll get it up one of these days.
o There was also a plotpoint about a man being wiped out of history by forces unknown. Yes, Moffat managed to steal my unpublished, very common idea. I will SUE!!!1
• I have a 2.1 for my second year which included me being naked on stage.
• I am currently writing a play for the Second Years at my Uni. It is called ‘Hayah’ and concerns angels and other winged beings. A little bit of Joan of Arc, some Judas and the fact there are no seats should add up to crazy times at Solent Uni!
• Recently I awoke to strangers in my home. ‘Don’t worry,’ says they ‘we have the keys from the landlord.’ Turns out they are hired to paint the outside of my house. They have kept waking me and just dumping stuff. At the time of writing, I have about two days left here. Can’t be over soon enough.
• I am going to the Fringe to perform street theatre as a butler. So do say if you’re around the last week of the Fringe so I may come and service you. (Hope that no one sniggered there. For shame, for shame).

I think that will do for now. I am REALLY going to try and keep this more up-to-date now.

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