Sunday, October 31, 2010

November-The Bestest Month?

November 2010 should be an awesome month for me.
Two big reasons.
First, it’s NaNoWriMo. A chance as the winter darkens the nights to simply curl up in the warm and type.
Second, in two and a bit weeks my first full length play “Hayah” is being performed by the Second Years.
Yes, I realise that I have not blogged about this play.
Suffice to say, I am madly excited to see my work being performed as well as marvelling the speed and enthusiasm the cast have taken to the piece.
The play covers the Fall of Lucifer, the death of Judas all the way to a post-apocalyptic world where a man paints butterflies on the walls for future generations.
That and a puppet show during the interval.
There are no seats and the audiences sits on the set.
So if you’re free, 17th to 19th November at 7:30 in the John Millas Building of Solent University.

Okay, second point (that I said first...I AM ABOVE TIME! I AM THE TIME LORD VICTORIOUS!)
So of you might remember “The Fitcher Files”, the stories I wrote in 2008.
Well, I lost interest.
Now two years on, I’m going back and I’m doing it right.
I give you:

Samuel T. Fitcher is good with his life.
He has a small detective agency in a tiny English town.
He has a sectary who is half-Gorgon and must always wear sunglasses to avoid turning others to stone.
He even has a three headed Cerberus
puppy named Cliché.

Sure, he was thrown out of the Apotopaic Einheriar Clan (The unpronounceable name sums them up really) and shouldn’t be practicing magic but he’s happy.
Then, during a routine exorcism at a school prom, the demon decides to destroy the girl rather than surrender.
Suddenly he’s on the radar of everything mildly supernatural.
It’s a fight for his life and the life of those around him.
You know, normal weekday really.

(Picture Credit: 247 Deep Blue by dracorubio)
Who is he? Well, he’s not Sam. I think. I look forward to finding out quite how this mysterious hoodie wearer is!

So there.
Quick heads up.
Happy Anon?


Anonymous said...

Happy, pleased, content and a even a little bit anxious.

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