Sunday, October 21, 2007

Motherfraking Snakes on a Motherfraking Plane! (This joke was bought to you by 2006)

I was watching a video young Mark had on his blog about Zach Braff and it had a clip from Garden State where he imagines the plane crash. This brought back 2 thoughts. One, Bah Fight Club did it soooo much better. Two, I guess that means it can’t be shown on planes.

So here is Jancis’ list of films you can’t show on a plane and why.
Fight Club (mid-air plane decompression)
Garden State (Ditto)
Goldeneye (Plane Crash)
Lost (Not a film but still)
Die Hard II (Planes crashing and going BOOOM! Bruce Willis in a vest)
The Twilight Zone Movie (“There’s a Gremlin on the plane!”)
United 93 (9/11)
Hitman (as above)
A Series of Unfortunate Events (for advising those who don’t like the film to leave the “room or cinema or plane”)
Snakes On A Plane (…*one eyebrow raised in a quizzical style*)
Pearl Harbour (it’s shite…and there’s dive bombing.)

Honourable Mention
Airplane (I guess it’s funny enough to avoid panic)

Can anyone think anymore?


Sarah said...

Castaway - with that amazing plane crash at the beginning...

Big Sal said...

Doesn't one of the Final Destination films feature a plane crash?

Though if you saw that I guess you could be glad you're on the plane and get to die quickly instead of spending days having to be constantly on your guard until you die in a peculiarly cinematic and highly unlikely way...

Jonathan said...

Do you think King Kong counts? Some people might get worried about getting swung round the top of the Empire State Building by a giant gorilla...