Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quick update

My, my. What a time we’ve all been having.
All of you off meeting new people and drinking new drinks. Well I’m doing the last. I’m just doing it alone mumbling into my new hobo beard. Well, when I say “new drinks” I mean “Minty mouthwash”.
No but really. Today is my second day of “work”. You see I said ‘The day I’m free of school I shall take a gap year to write that great novel which will get me enough money to buy the ark of the Covenant!”
But things can’t be easy so I had to clear a house, look through university leaflets, be told “Maybe you should stick to acting”, look through more leaflets, be told I might be beaten by Dame Whishy Washy, have a sleep. Repeat for two months. Yes, every day. I’ve tattooed important things on my body. Do you know about my condition? Why is my life running backwards and half the time in black and white?
Speaking of that film I got shot down when I said I wanted my cast photo to be covered in blood pointing down to the spot where I’ll have “I did it” written. Be a change from the nice headshots with shinny shinny teeth.
So until then I’m starting the writing. Rather then bite off more then I could chew I consulted an idea book to spark my mind. And the sparkword was VIAGRA®. Is the world really ready for a Jancis story on erectionary medicine? Knowing me it’ll probably be taken by a guy some kind of barb which ends up gutting his girlfriend. Which he Then he must run for his life and never get aroused again or else…DOOM!
So I started on something about “YOU ARE SHIPWRECKED. WRITE WHAT HAPPENS AFTER 5 HOURS, 5 MONTHS AND 5 YEARS”. So lets see how that goes shall we?
I’ve also deleted the murder game. Consider this a grand retcon! Well I learnt that it is a bad idea to have a overly complex storyline run by folks who don’t know what’s going on. Consider this a pre-empetive protection of my balls for John Law and His ‘Mazing Ninja Lawyers. Oh well it kind filled the space that a lack of actual friendship left.
Maybe more later if you’re good.


Big Sal said...

Uhhhhhhh... Sounds like you're...um...having fun?

Sarah said...

thank you for my birthday wishes - no drunkeness yet... though I'm pub crawling on monday so I could get a little forgetful...


Sarah said...

Oh, and I forgot to add, I'm dressing up as a pirate too!