Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Birthday

I haven't had this yet. But when I do OH WHAT A POST THERE SHALL BE.

All I'm saying is leave your love here.


Big Sal said...

"Hi, excuse me, where do I leave this love? It's for a T. Jancis? Over here you say? Behind this heavy door with scary looking locks? Rightio... AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!"

Kojé said...

I must duly apologise the for the lateness of this! I expected to have this done by about 6:30...I'd underestimated how problematic trying to draw you (and your blasted hair!) would be. Darn you and your difficult model attributes! Also, I spent aaaages looking for a background...but, uh...couldn't get one...sorry! Again.



...oh, and btw, I don't love you. I just like you a lot. Can I deposit that..?