Monday, June 16, 2008

Consider Yourself a clichéd pun that I refuse to make.

So here we are. Eggs in the basket are hatching and I’m hoping that they become swans rather then lizards.
What I’m trying to say is a small portion of my life is coming to an end.
The Buffy recording was done weeks ago and tonight I begin the first night of a seven show run of Oliver! in front of an audience of over five hundred people.
Am I scared? Well, the director Ben has banned me from getting nervous so I’m tingly.
Oh, and my legs are covered in bruising from general bashing and my death scene. How do I die? Well you have to see that for yourself. (Yes, even the Buffy people. Get on a play to see someone you don’t know. Make an effort people!)
Once again I ask for your love and well wishes and maybe I’ll post pictures of the atrophying flesh that is my legs.

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