Friday, September 19, 2008

T' traditional “TLAP” Day blog post (run through a pirate translator because I be too lazy t' do it meself).

Oh for goodness sake. Why was I not informed today was “Talk Like A Pirate” Day. All that sittin' around havin' t' be told “Hey, counsellin'. It’s a good thin'” and I could have been threatenin' people with a cutlass. Got t' Councillor though. She was sayin' “Anythin' you say will be completely confident” so I said “What if I claimed t' be wanting to dance the hangman’s jig?” Why, then they can have me taken away in irons without me say so. Stupid lyin' councillors. They be triksy landlubbers.
Strangely enough t' two thin's they could report be “Doin' harm t' meself or others” and “Terrorism”. Who confesses t' terrorism t' t' University Councillor? They be not priests! She seemed so sad that I was sayin' “If I’m plannin' t' top meself, I’m not comin' t' you, you big old blabbermouth.”
That all said, once again I got free grub. Which is something. Really should have brought some vitals back for tonight. Have to avoid cooking food for as long as I can.

Tomorrow, people begin to move in. I intend to sit in the kitchen and glare at them. Also when they go for the fridge go “AH!” and then shake my head.
I have to make my own fun.


Big Sal said...

I envy your new flatmates, I really do :p

Sarah said...

Jancis, hope you're having a spiffing time at uni :)