Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A new blog (Because my ego was definitely not big enough).

As you see, there is a new blog up and once again it’s about me.
See, I feel that I want to expose my awesomeness to all and sundry so I came up with an idea.
All the stupid things I write get neatly popped up on the new blog wittily entitled Stories of Jancis.
A wonderful chance to show that all that time not dancing and drinking has not gone to waste.

But isn’t this incredibly masturbatory? Waving my believed talent in the face of those who have the misfortune to call me a friend?

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Yes, yes it is.
Blasphemous Answer: Goddamn it is!
Old-Timer Answer: You bet your sweet bippy it is.

So that’s the plan.
One thing I intend to stick to is not to put up the ‘present’ stories unless asked to. Those are private things that I want people in the future to have the honour of owning for themselves.
And I sign the buggers. Maybe that will be worth something.
And if not, well then I hope that person, as they move halls or into a new part of their life, come across my story and smile on the nice times we had together.
Until I banged their sister.
And then wrote her a story about what I wanted to do to her while banging her.

But how many times will THAT happen?

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