Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Year Of Jancis (2008)

So I don’t have anyway where to be this New Years Day what with everyone being scattered hither and generally thither. (and my general shrinking violetness)

So my year based on blog posts.

How I got off the Black List.
Wow. It feels just like yesterday I was making jokes about being blacklisted. Wow. I was so young back then. Back when I was worried about university places and the Fitcher Files. (I did say I'll finish Sam's story. New Year Resolution? Well, I HAVE said more writing. Oh what the hell. Sure. You heard it here, folks.)

Update with Guest Star Faith Lehane
Oh Faith. Sweet, sweet sweary Faith. Starting the trend of having random people live in my brain.
It was a lesson that making jokes will get American girls squat in your brain.
I said "squat"!
I miss her. Pam never talks to me.

I kept my promise. She was "the attractive dark haired girl with the leather jacket in the third case". Then I killed her. Sort of.

So I still awake in the night and think of that Chaos theory. Have I screwed myself with my choice? Will the Pope ever give me that knighthood?
Time shall tell.

Jancis becomes Lower Lower Lower Upper Middleclass
Stage '65 and Buffy Between the Lines. Two of the bigger things that happened to me. Yet I do not get the "booze and boobs" a star of my standing should. I played a pig AND a thug. Where's the love?

"not procrastinating. I also was fully dressed and had washed that morning. Yep. Clean me."
So glad things have changed in a year. (That's a lie. I do get dressed a lot more then I did on my Gap Year. I even wash EVEN I don't need it. Great guy.)

Mum tells me the house is falling down. Rocks everywhere.

That was the March storms knocking off roof tiles. Really not exciting as I made it out to be in ten words.

My lack of planning is, in itself, a plan. Just not a very good one.
"I took this year so I could write and I found out that the major problem is I have a very short att"
My Gap Year summed up in a single sen

"funnily enough have creatures to eat your kidneys”

I was joking. They ate liver and BBTL only have one demon. Her name was Kep and she was blue. (I didn't actually do anything. She was just visiting. We had scones. It was pleasant.)

"what with the sitting on the floor for hours on end as you have to hear “Food, Glorious Food” for the sixth time."

Really not a highlight (and the story I keep using when they ask 'Why you sing so bad?') Funnily enough that sitting and listening now means I'm doing "Reviewing the Situation" as my exam piece. Swings and roundabouts, I guess.

"Sand through my fingers. Sand through my fingers."

This has become my non-official moto over the year. I feel so old.

"my sister gave my the 24 hour flu which knocked me out on that day."

STILL pissed about that. Stupid sister.


"Why a fur seal would indulge in such extreme sexual behaviour is unclear"

Which I feel sums this up perfectly.
I'm imagining scientists in their labcoats stroking their chins and going "It shouldn't be doing that."

"penguins sometimes "prostitute" themselves to get stones for nest-building"

*looks at Sarah, eyebrow raised*

My Birthday
"I haven't had this yet. But when I do OH WHAT A POST THERE SHALL BE."
Okay. So I lied. There was no post.
What I remember my birthday was nice. I had a Doctor Who cake. My sister wore a blanket all day like a lost soul.
I took the picture Kiki did to rehearsal. Bemused reactions all round. But I liked them.
And I didn't die on my birthday so that's always a plus.

Consider Yourself a clichéd pun that I refuse to make.
So Oliver. That was something that happened last year. Sure was. Taught me stage combat and that there are worse things then losing a toenail to a dropped book. (Mostly crushed balls and cracked legs)

"maybe I’ll post pictures of the atrophying flesh that is my legs"

I made a gentleman's promise to the director never to show those photos. Suffice to say, not nice.

I Am Reviewing The play/the last year/the chance to make bad Oliver! puns.
I gave a photo of me in the play as a gift to my grandparents for Christmas. They think I look sweet. I'm not sweet! I'm...Oh who am I kidding?

"The sooner I do this, the sooner I can get around to killing you"
And so I went about killing my sexy headghost.

"PS. Girlfriend of the future: I love you. Please don’t get your head cut off."
The first of many notes to GOTF.

"Thomas is once again stealing plots from books to make his life more interesting. Points to anyone who can name the two books"
This still stands by the way. (If you get enough points, you get a toaster.)

In July, clearly nothing happened as there was no blog posts. Jancis is too lazy to cast his mind back that far. That is why his year is based on this blog.
Circular logic. Have to love it.

Half Hearted Post
So after the unexplained absence I got down to the important things.
1. The death and rebirth of Faith as an official part of my fictional world. This one is for you, you insane headghost. (Me? Unhinged? Noooooo.)
2. New laptop (writing this on it now)
3. Playing Command and Conquer (Oh Cameron. You had NO idea what you were saying, did you?)
4. Going to the workshop.
"Will it be worth it?"

"Will I have to take my trousers off?"

Not really. (Not for the want of trying.)

The Slander Free Blog Post
Still remaining slander free. Had some good times. Learnt life lesson. All good.
Interesting thing here. SOMEONE GAVE ME HEADLICE!
Had to cut my hair after I got headlice from someone in the audience. Who I am not sure. But headlice I got!

Here I would call the "Gap Year" period ended. So now we enter the Solent Years.

The first Uni post
So this was me alone in halls.

"There is some….thing in the halls that’s playing music. BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT!?"

Still don't know and it is best not to ask.

Me sitting up late looking at my laptop writing? Had to get used to that lovely feeling.

T' traditional “TLAP” Day blog post (run through a pirate translator because I be too lazy t' do it meself).
Again I lie and made up most of the translating as the official translator only changed little things like "you" to "ya". So in the end I probably did more work. Oh well.

"I intend to sit in the kitchen and glare at them"

They ignored me.

The "I have joined a cult" post. (Who had the bet for three weeks?)
"Ah yes, the joys of a reclusive non-drinking non-smoker"
It's still a case of no one ever tells me where the parties are. That said, have gone to a few nightclubs. (You know, I still haven't gone to Legends after all the hoo-ha about it at school. Clearly I miss out.)

"Friend: Oh that is so fucking interesting, you pussy"

That was Tess of "JanFan" fame. She keeps calling me a paedophile in front of people. Interesting girl. Swiss you know? Likes ketchup.

"I did stand over you with a butcher’s knife for four hours while you were crashed out on the couch."
"No. No. ____. It's a joke. Honey! It's a joke. I wrote something on my blog when I was nineteen. Sweetie. No. No don't phone the police! It was a joke!"

"I was told I needed to write “three pages” everyday"
That worked until November when I just gave up. I was busy enough already without pointless note taking.
It was mostly: “Sky dark. Am tired. Need to do more work.” Then waffle for a two and a half pages.

"Pallas Athena/Minerva"
People who don't read this blog never understand the joke. Honestly those who do read don't really. What's wrong with numerous imaginary muses? (Opposed to the many real muses who sadly always seem to be thirteen year old girls yearned after by French artists).

This is a test of the "Jancis = AWESOME!" alert,
Because you need an alarm to tell you the obvious.

Anyone notice it's cold?
I grew quite attached to that bench by the door. It got removed for some reason. Sad. I could watch the smokers stand in the non-smoking zone. FLAUNT THAT SIGN!

"So we have to do a performance based on us from year Dot to Twenty"
*gently bangs head against wall, while crying* Did you know actors could be difficult? That’s all I shall say.

"You do not want to see my shins"

Leg damage and headghosts seem to take up most of '08

New from Jancis' Insane Mind
I WILL write a more in-depth post on the blog when I finish the editing. Stupid work was getting in the way.
But from the unedited copy my Mum has this to say, "It needs work but there are some very good parts."
Thanks Mum.

Second firing of the "Jancis = AWESOME!" alert,
Oh spoilers for unaired episodes. How no one cares!

A big day for me.
True story.
Amazing what happens when you need to go piss.

What is my 20000th word?
Kind of went a bit insane and just threw in random people when I needed cannon fodder. But what's the fun of knowing an author if NOT to have things like that happen?
(Sarah. Mark. I might have to cut your chapter. Do you know the term Crack!fic? Well, I have penguin robbers. I will put up the chapter if I do drop it.)

Spring Awakening: The Tale of the Philosophising Teenage Rapist and His Suicidal Gay Friend
"I don’t even know everyone in my First Year group"
Still don't! (Stupid thin, dark haired girls and the similar bone structures!)

People still seem amazed that I have done the podcast. And I smartly tell them "I did set off an alarm".

Just thought you'd like to know:
Probally the thing I am proudest of in 2008. I did in a month what I failed to do in over a year.
Sing out "Jancis=Awesome" alarm. Sing out.

The December Ramble
My readers STILL haven't got back to me. HA! See them get a mention in the "Thanks" pages now!

"rewriting it over the holidays in between writing essays"
So young. So not understanding the drain that is an essay.

“please take me in a manly yet sensitive manner.”

And that’s how I met your mother"
And they say romance is dead.
(I am probably going to have a very boring marriage and have it ruined by all of you saying "He threatened to stand over you with a knife. Did you know that? Yes. Slap him harder!")

What is that strange whining noise?
Got to show off even more! Brilliant. I really did put a bag on my head. Method acting all the way!

For Mama Sal
Because I will go that extra mile for the JanFans.

A Year Of Jancis (2008)
Taste that Meta!
Christmas was quiet. Saw both sets of grandparents, which was nice. Got some books and DVDS to keep me going. (Also got "Professor Layton" so the DS is coming back to Soton)
Worked on essays and let my Mum and sister read my book. They liked it.
That said; do NOT say the albino has black hair. Even if you mistyped you will never hear the end of it.

Resolution? More writing. Get fitter. Normal boring stuff.

And that was my year.
How was yours?


Jonathan said...

I went to Stourhead. It was cold.

I went to bed after midnight yesterday. I was tired. I can't do late nights anymore.

Big Sal said...

I hear that Jonjon - it gets even worse once you break out of your teens :(

Sarah said...

Erm, just 'coz penguins prostitute themselves doesn't mean I do... *looks in other direction*

Kojé said...

This post was so big for me I had to retire half-way through and rest. By the end of the second half I was too mentally exhausted, you'd stretched my cerebral limits so far I had no idea what to reply!
Though looking back on it all, your year has put mine to shame. You're an upcoming success, for starters! Maybe this year you'll become and underground sensation?
(Nevah sell oot to the corporate big wigs, laddeh!)