Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Final Jottings of 2006

It’s 10 of the clock on the last day of 2006 and I’m at home. So lonely.
To be fair, I went away on the 24th and came back on the 29th so maybe everyone is at a party and they didn't have anyway of contacting me.
At any moment I’m going to get a phone call telling me to come to a party


At least I have my Wii to keep me company. Yep, last day of term I came back to a package. I’ve called it Rej and he loves me in a way frowned upon by the Christians.

This year in no order
*I got a girlfriend
*I didn’t so much loose the girl as have the relationship annulled.
*I got punched in the face on multiple occasions.
*I was in a play.
*I escaped naked from a house
*I kissed Jordan (boy not whore. Yeah! I went there!)
*I, on a very memorable Drama trip, got the nickname “Dark Horse” after relating all my sexcapdes.
*I was told that maybe I could do with a few days away from school after I refused to show the due respect to those who work so hard as to educate me. (He now loved Big Brother)
* I started a Murder Game but stopped it . (You complained it got too hard to follow, I threw things at you)
* I wrote three fanfics for a forum and the people rejoiced.
* Instead of cheap Xmas cards, I wrote a really nice little story. I think people liked it.
*Following that, I wrote two in a card for my sister. It was about pigs and Collin Firth. She liked them.

New Year Resolution: I’m going to write a lot more. It’s what I want to do and I’m not having Mark, of all people, out blog me.
Stupid Mark with his stupid beard and his stupid penguin-loving girlfriend! THE BEARD WAS MY THING!!!!
Note to self: Get Sarah a bondage hat with a penguin on it. Maybe a penguin blow up doll? Do girls use blowup dolls? Maybe for cuddles.

Oh, I know I'm told not to maim but if I keep getting punched in the head, you might just kill that little voice that stops the red mist.
Hell, I might just loose my temper and rip out an eye.
You have been warned.
I am NOT averse to using my teeth to rip out flesh and I've got nothing to loose.


Sarah said...

sorry jancis, i already have a blow-up penguin...
got one for my 18th...

Mark said...

The blogging race is on!

And I'm slightly worried about that penguin...