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1. (The Beginning Cutscene)

This means a cutscene (quality filmfootage)
This is in-game

A man in a cloak is riding on the front of a horse drawn cart through the cobbled streets of a town. The back of the cart is covered in tarp. People stare at him. He raises his hand in greeting.
He stops in a public square that has a wall running along the North and East side. There is a guardtower in the North East corner. A very bored guard looks on as he leans against his pike.
The man gets off the cart and looks up. When he looks down, he bows low to the guard. He then whips off his cloak, to reveal a young, tall man with a dark beard. He is wearing a beret with a badge on it. He draws a rapier and points it at the wall. He barks a command. The back of the cart bursts as young men and woman, all wearing the beret pour out.
The guard whistles in warning before being run through by a rebel who hurries up the tower.

Panning up we hear a bell is ringing.

We cut inside of a locker room. The bell still rings as we zoom along men in various states of dress and preparation. We finally stop as we see a man from behind. We catch a glimpse of dark hair before he lowers a helmet over his head.
He slips on gloves and his boots. He then puts on a dark overcoat. Grabbing his riffle, he slams his locker close.
He runs outside, fastening his chinstrap. Failing, he falls into line with the other soldiers. Apart from their mouths and bumps, it is impossible to tell the soldiers apart. Most are not wearing the coat though. But enough are so that we loose our soldier in the thirty or so soldiers of both sexes.
The bell now stopped ,a commander walks up and down as he briefs them. He then thumps his left hand on his right breast and holds it up in a clenched fist. The others do the same and fall out.
We pan up over the barrack walls to reveal the rebels have blocked the entrances to the square with rubbish and wood to make a barricade.

In the gates of the barrack, the soldier stops to adjust his helmet.
Soldier: Ahh. Fiddly little-
A female soldier in the coat with epaulettes pushes past the soldier. She turns back.
Female Officer: Move it grunt.
She runs off as the soldier salutes.
Soldier: Yes, ma’m!
He runs off.

The rebels stand on the barricades taunting the guards. A red flag has placed at a jaunty angle in the barricade.
The soldiers stop and look up at the rebels. In moments they split into small groups. Most scatter while six stay and aim their riffles at the wall.
A giant of a man stands on the barricade and waves two curved blades at the foe. He is gunned down.
A young man, dressed in rough clothes runs over to him. He shakes him and lowers his head in remorse.

Five soldiers pour onto the screen. They stop
Soldier: What are you doing!
The young man picks up the fallen man’s blades and brandishes them.
He turns on the soldiers.
Young Man: I don’t have to answer to you!
Soldier: Is that so?
They begin to advance. The boy stands his ground but shakes a little.
One soldier swipes at the boy with a bayonet. He counters it and knocks the weapon out of the soldier’s hard.
He doesn’t have a chance to protect himself as a female soldier hits the boy hard in the face with her riffle.
The boy falls and the soldiers kick him off-screen right.

The boy rolls down the barricade and lands in a pile in the streets.
As he struggles to his feet, we see soldiers fighting civilians.

A soldier sees the man struggling.
He turns away and makes a “YES!” move with his left arm
Soldier: Oh boy! My first fight
He turns back.
Soldier: Hey you! STOP!
The boy gets to his feet.
The man walks towards the soldier. He raises his gun.

Soldier: Stay where you are!
The man stands in front of the soldier.
Young Man: Think fast!
The soldier lowers his weapon and cocks his head.
Soldier: Wah?
The man swings and strikes the soldier hard in the chin. The soldier falls to his knees and clutches his chin.
Soldier: *moan*
The soldier gets to his feet hesitantly and straightens.
His helmet clatters to the floor.

From this, we pan up the body to see our foe possess a fine pair of blue eyes and a mop of dark hair. He feels his chin and looks annoyed.

Soldier: You broke my chinstrap.
He points dramatically.
Soldier: Do you know how long it took for me to fix that? You’ll pay!
We enter our first battle. The man is on the left classed as Rioter and the soldier is classed as Soldier.
Soldier: This will teach you respect.
As he is weaponless, Rioter just throws stones. On the other hand Soldier has a bayonet and a riffle.
After three turns, the soldier laughs.

Soldier: Stones? You’re going to stop me with that?
Rioter: No He points behind the soldier With that!
The soldier turns
Soldier: What!?
Rioter runs.
The soldier turns back.
Soldier: ...That’s cheating!
End Battle

The man begins to run down the street. Behind him, the buildings are a-flame. He glances behind him. The soldier is nearly upon him. The young man screeches to a stop. The soldier leaps on him. They fall to the ground, punching and scratching.
They both begin to choke each other. They roll on the ground. The young man ends up on top and begins to push down. His eyes blaze with anger. The soldier’s hand flux wildly.
A soldier tumbles off the barricade and lands next to them, the curved blades stuck out his back.

The two warriors look at the body, shocked.
Young Man: Bloody Hell!
Soldier: Holy Crap!
They look at each other.
Young Man: Truce?
Soldier: Truce
They let go off each other and get to their feet. They brush themselves off and stretch.
Young Man: Good fight.
Soldier: Same.
Young Man: They teach you that in the army?
The soldier shrugs.
Soldier: My eyes are enticing.
Young Man: …
Soldier: Communal showers
The young man laughs.
The Soldier salutes like we saw in the training ground.
Soldier: Private Thomas Jancis. But you can call me Jancis.
The man mimics the salute
Young Man: Kieran Allen, Freeman. You can call me Kieran.
Jancis shakes his head.
Jancis: No chance. You’re Kiki now.
Kiki pulls the blades from the man and wipes them on the corpse.
Jancis: You’re going to use those?
Kiki: No. I’m just nicking things…OF COURSE, I’M GOING TO USE THEM!!!
Jancis: No need to shout.
Jancis walks to the top of screen and looks around.
Jancis: Anyway. I’m getting out of here.
He looks back at Kiki
Jancis: You coming?
Kiki: Back to your army base!? No chance!
Jancis shakes his head.
Jancis: Nah. I quit. Didn’t join to get chocked.
He points in front of him
Jancis: Let’s go get a drink.

They walk off as the camera rises to show the town of Yardale. Most of the south quarter is ablaze and the barricades are obvious.
As we raise higher we see the logo:

over the setting sun.

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