Monday, May 28, 2007

18 and no giant sword to kill evil. Go figs.

Today I celebrated my 18th year on this Earth. And I can say I enjoyed very much. I have received about four different DVD box sets which I’ll have time to watch in about a month!
Patience, softly softly, catch the monkey etc.

I also took young Master Allen and young Mistress Jancis on a exciting time to the cinema to peruse the latest Pirates Of the Caribbean.

Now I don’t get why people say it’s so bad. It’s never going to be Seventh Seal. It’s a pirate movie. With rum.

And so does Keek.

So that’s a real quick blog post. Thanks to the two people who sent me a post/email to wish me a Happy Day. COME ON GUYS, YOU’VE GOT A COUPLE OF HOURS!!!

Just remember, “sea turtles”.

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Mark said...

I'll wish you a late happy birthday... I also went to see PotC 3 and, of course, loved it. Arrrr.