Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rambling, self-hating-tinged filler post in which very little happens OR a normal Jancis post.

So you will probably want to hear allll about what I’ve been up to over the last month now I’m free from the hold of “The Man”.
You see I’m still in the lull between exams and results.
Yeah I know I said, “When I leave this hellhole THEN and only then I can get on with my grand quadology and have tons of cash and then I’ll go on a roadtrip and talk about coffee and take drugs and have sex with a person of every country in the world, including the Vatican City, and then die leaving a drug riddled corpse in my Malibu mansion surrounded by wolves!” And then you all ignored me and I went into the cupboard to cry and bite off my fingers.
Remember that?
Good times.

So what I trying to say is that I have done bugger all writing. Why? Because I’ve been visiting relatives in Portsmouth and South Wales. I mean how many times did I need to know that tourists are ruining Solva? Yes it is sad that I never got to meet my Great-great-great Uncle. I also wanted to meet Oscar Wilde but there you go.
So I had to take care of my Granny so I missed the Prom. Not sure how I feel about that. I think it’s my slow decline into a life in a hermitage and a beard I can wipe my feet on.
At least I got to dive into freezing Welsh waves in nothing but a T-shirt and shorts for over an hour. Oh the bravery and weirdly bleeding nipples. I think I breastfed a porpoise.
So how did I waste my time. Books and DVDs. And if you’re feeling tired and depressed watching four episode of Battlestar Galacta in a row DOES NOT HELP!
And what else could cheer me up? Oh yes, my great uncle died during the exams so everyone’s running up and down and people are stealing things and there’s a war and babies are sick and they still won’t bring back Firefly and my nose itches. ‘part from that it’s all good.
So really this is a post to say that nothing seems to be happening. Don’t know why I bother. Nobody reads these……WHY DOES NO ONE LOVE ME!!!!!? I LOVE ME!!!!

But to be serious, I’m just waiting for a chance to clean out all my old stuff, get a desk that isn’t my bed and starting writing again. Until then I’ll sleep, eat and wonder why the porpoise left such tiny teeth mark on both nipples. Two headed dolphin monster?


Big Sal said...

I read these *and* I love you! Sorry about your great uncle, the thefts, the babies, Firefly, your nose and your nipples. I'm sure they can't *all* be my fault but I apologise nonetheless...

The artist currently/forthwith known as DJ TJ said...

But you're not sorry about the war, you Jingoistic son of a bitch!