Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Return To Subpar Form.

I had a whole sub-amazing post planned. It was a story of evil robots and the reason why Google will kill us all with EVIL! But then I remembered who my target audience of this was. So I dropped it.
Crying shame.

Anyway, I’m still alive. Of course, you’d know that. 90% of the news/stories I wish to report have been seen/heard/experienced by my readers.
But OH! Just you wait until we never see each other again after June. THEN we’ll have some stories. Oh, yes.

So….what do I do with this thingy McJim?
Well, I leant that you are all terrible commenters. Come on guys! We writers want to have our egos cuddled and loved. So you don’t get my satirical wit with evil actresses and bombs. Or Googlebots…sexy pinkhaired Googlebots with go-go boots and Segways!

I could review TV or books or films or plays or glue! The choices are ginormus!

Here I go!

Dead Witch Walking: Enchanting
Heroes: Super
Doctor Who: Fantastic
Exams: Bad

That was fun. But I won’t do that again for a while. Too much effort.

What else can I talk about?
While I was enjoying my 17 hour naps, I dreamt I travelled five years into the future where I was promptly shot for having outdated ID. Also my family had moved.

I think that dream means I’m gay. Or a Timelord. A gay Timelord?

Well, I’m going to stop it there. Maybe one day, I’ll have something interesting on this blog. One day.

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Mark said...

They are terrible commenters. Still, I'll comment as a show of solidarity. Us surviving bloggers have to stick together...

Heroes is super. I enjoy it muchly.