Friday, March 14, 2008

Jancis becomes Lower Lower Lower Upper Middleclass

So I was just finishing off my audition parts when I came up to send them off and to my horror I found I had been blacklisted!
Shock! For the first time I have some news and this happened. BUT NO MORE!

Okay so you know how you wait around for a play and or podcast to want you and then two come along.
Well that happened.
Okay, see you next month.

More? Well okay.

Way, way back many centuries ago, not very long after the Bible began (Late’07 for those out of the know) I sent out a form to join Stage ’65, the youth theatre group of Salisbury. You know, fill up the Gap Year.
I promptly received a letter saying “DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WANT TO JOIN US? DO YOOOOOOOU?” So I thought no more of it.
I joined the Yeovil group and the play they wanted to do was Michael Frayn’s “Democracy” a play about German politics. So I stepped away and laughed when they sent out letters saying “We only had three people turn up”.

Now I listen to a lot of podcasts. A lot. If I’m on the laptop I’m listening. So when a favourite “Buffy Between The Lines” put out a casting call I thought “Why not? I’m not doing anything on the eighth onwards” while ignoring the fact I had only got to Season Four in my Christmas “Angel and Buffy for less then £150” gift. Did I mention that the current season of BBTL was after 5? Buffy dies and Willow is a lesbian? Who knew? (Me because I won’t allow myself the joy of finding things out for myself…I’m really ruining my jokes tonight.)

Anyhoo, the 15th, I was playing Super Mario Gal-working on the next Fitcher File and not procrastinating. I also was fully dressed and had washed that morning. Yep. Clean me.
So I’m sitting there when the phone rings. Now I can hear the message being left and it’s Salisbury saying “You’re a manly man. We don’t have manly men. We’re sorry we turned you away. Be our friend! Auditions Sunday. Okay love you byebyebyebye.” No really. They wanted men.

And that’s how a woman named Victoria made me her booty call.

So Sunday comes and I go and it turns out it’s “Oliver!” and I work the Jancis magic on them. And what do you know they say they want to give me a part! So I went back last night and I’m still as confused as ever. But at least they saw me and I can on Monday for the readthrough. It looks like I’m probably going to be Sykes. Hurrah for beating up woman and children.

Right that’s that.

So on the 12th I’m thinking what of the podcast? Then I remember I have the rest of the day! Who needs sleep? (If the BBTL crew are checking up on me, I am very capable without sleep and dedicated to you 540% [If the Oliver people are reading this, I’m young and stupid. Ignore me.]) So I print off a few scripts, knock off the forms and audition pieces and just sent it when Mum tells me the house is falling down. Rocks everywhere.
So that more of less is where I am. Two pieces of acting.
I’m going up in the world.Soon it’ll be dinner at the Little Chef and clothes from Marks and Spencers! Oh for that day!


Jonathan said...

Sounding pretty funky Janman. Good to hear you're getting some business, as it were.
Also good to see you posting, it'll be a sad day when this blogger falls to the ravages of betterthingstodo...

SupComTabz said...

I think all of us are pretty good at functioning without sleep!

How in the world did you get blacklisted?

Oh and Season 2 is between Seasons 2 and 3 of the show - so you should be good ;)

Buffy Between the Lines

Big Sal said...

On account of how long it's taken me to post, and how it wasn't in any way your fault, I've decided not to blacklist you for a while.

I'm nice like that :)